Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a Bridal Trial?

Yes, I offer Bridal Makeup & Hair Trials. A Bridal Trial is highly recommended to ensure both the client and artist are on the same page, and confident for the day of.

When should I do my trial?

A Bridal trial should be done 2-3 months before the big day. Typically when you have your outfits/dress that is when you should come in for a trial.

What happens at a Bridal Trial?

The Bridal Trial is usually 2-3 hours long, and this allows the client to bring in pictures of what she wants or does not want. The trial is also for the client to see how the makeup sets on their skin, and how it lasts and to make sure there are no allergic reactions.

What do I need to do to secure my date/dates?

In order to secure the date the client needs to sign a contract and provide the artist with a 30% deposit.

How long does Bridal Hair and Makeup take on the day of the event?

Bridal Hair and Makeup takes 2-3 hours.

What do I need to do to prep for the big day?

The night before the event, it is extremely important that you wash and blow dry your hair straight, without any products such as: conditioner, serums, sprays etc. The morning of before the artist arrives the face must be cleansed, moisturized (oil free) and ready to go for optimal makeup application results.

Do you travel to me on the day of my event?

Yes, I travel to you on the day of your event, with all of my equipment and makeup/hair kit.

What kind of products do you use?

I use a variety of products. I do not like to stick to one brand as a Makeup kit should be versatile. I use all high end products such as: Mac, Estee Lauder, Laura Mercier, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Smashbox, Dior, YSL and more.

What kind of Lashes do you use?

For Bridal Clients I use Mink Lashes - Dodo lashes, Koko Lashes etc.

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